Notice of Intended Marriage:- it is a legal requirement that I sign and witness a Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month and one day before your intended wedding ceremony. It can be signed up to eighteen months in advance if desired. I will assist you in the preparation of this document which is obtained from the Attorney-General's Department. The Form 14 Certificates also need to be signed, usually closer to the wedding date.

Heather Boundy Civil CelebrantPassports:- Australian citizens must show an original birth certificate, Australian passports not being acceptable evidence of birth. If not born in Australia, a birth certificate from your country of origin is acceptable as is a foreign passport with English translations clearly shown.

Heather Boundy Civil CelebrantPrevious Marriage:- If either party has been previously married, it is necessary that I see the Decree Absolute, in case of divorce, or the death certificate of previous partner.

Witnesses:- Two witnesses over the age of eighteen years are required to sign the documents at the wedding ceremony. Most commonly couples choose the Best Man and Bridesmaid to perform this duty, although another couple may be chosen.