Heather Boundy - Civil CelebrantThe birth of a child brings new and exciting dimensions to a relationship. For couples without a religious background who, nevertheless, would like to mark the safe arrival of their child with a special occasion, and welcome him/her into the family circle, a Namegiving Ceremony can be most appropriate.

Heather Boundy - Civil CelebrantIt gives me great pleasure to work with a couple in creating a ceremony that will reflect their family values and love for their baby. There may be siblings or other family members to be included in the ceremony. Often a Namegiving will take place in the family home or backyard.

I am happy to suggest appropriate readings, poems, music or symbolic gestures to make your Namegiving a memorable event.


Heather Boundy - Civil CelebrantA funeral gives a family the opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved family member. Each family will need to grieve and celebrate in their own way.

My role in a Funeral Ceremony is to assist and advise the family in choosing the most appropriate commemoration, and to create a ceremony which reflects that person's life and relationships. A funeral is an important memorial, both to recognize and honour the deceased and to offer comfort and support to family and friends.


There are many events in our lives which require celebration! Sometimes it may be appropriate to share that celebration through a special ceremony devised for that occasion alone. I am happy to assist you in creating such an occasion. Such occasions may include:-

  • Renewal of vows
  • Special birthday celebrations e.g. 80th or 100th birthday
  • House dedication
  • Rites of passage e.g. Graduation Party, 16th birthday
  • Remembrance Ceremony
  • Memorials

Summer Weddings

As usual, Spring in Melbourne has brought all sorts pf weather! Beautiful sunny, even hot days, but also cloud and some rain. But summer is upon us with lots of weddings in the open air - vineyards, gardens, parks...and yes, the beach! There is still time to get your wedding in before the cooler days of April. Take advantage of summer on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula!